Professional services


FIS is based on the idea of efficient and scalable integration, and while we encourage our clients to integrate the system themselves and get familiar with the product, we understand that sometimes it’s better left to our experienced team of engineers. We have vast knowledge of the best integration practice in various sectors.


Perhaps your idea stands at the cutting edge of finance software services. Using our codebase, infrastructure and agile engineer and strategist team we can make something that’s never been done before. With our guaranteed support team, regularly updated code and know-how you can be sure you will be on par with the top technology innovators in the field.


Integration with APIs will minimize your day-to-day tasks, such as searching for a client’s credit info, sending notifications via email or SMS and more. Various levels of automation are available, so you can always take control of the system yourself, but these features will certainly help your business by eliminating a lot of time consuming tasks.