Intuitive interface

Based on actual experiences

We’ve made countless user interface iterations based on actual feedback from our clients. It’s tailored for fast access to important data, such as efficient performance with user databases, configuration, and monitoring.

Sleek and easy on the eyes

We understand it’s impossible to sneak every bit of information on to one screen, so we have created an interface with fast access to basically everything you’d want to use while keeping the rarely used functions accessible but out of your sight. With custom backgrounds you can liven up the otherwise purely functional application.

Collaborate and inform

FIS gives you the opportunity to create user profiles with varying access to data. So, you could, for example, create a user profile with access to cash flow statistics and give the access to a shareholder, thus avoiding spreadsheets and printouts. The interface is so intuitive and simple that people with no training and limited knowledge about the system will most likely feel comfortable with viewing statistics, generating reports etc.