Cloud business

Make it

To start with, our codebase is hosted on GitHub, which makes pulling it to your own webserver a breeze. This also gives you the opportunity to easily get all updates without any hassle or re-installing – just make a pull request. By keeping your core system on the cloud, you can be assured it’ll always be accessible and up to date.

Use it

The user interface for day-to-day tasks is browser-based, so it’s highly customizable regarding the role of the user. For example, you can create a user profile with specific permissions and access to information for monitoring purposes, or a profile for someone who deals with fraud detection and needs a thorough analysis of the client database. You can do all this thanks to a united, cloud-based system where everything is adjustable from a simple administration interface.

Agile updates

In the constantly changing and evolving world of finance and business, updates are a crucial part of keeping on track with the latest trends and laws. With the cloud-based code repository it’s easy to check if the latest updates have been included in your running system.