Agile software

Configure as you wish

Combining the built-in configuration options and the access to the source code we can say with confidence that FIS makes the event the most obscure set of needs possible. If, however, there is something that needs to be added or heavily modified, we’ll be happy to discuss a feature that might be beneficial to us and our clients.


FIS works well with and adapts to small and large user databases. You won’t have to worry about the servers crashing or the code becoming obsolete; if you choose to host on our own servers, we’ll gladly adapt the web infrastructure to your specific needs.


By using our codebase and ability to add rapidly and modify features via forking on GitHub, we can make something new or heavily adapted for your specific needs. We encourage our clients to build upon our software and take pride in our standard of code clarity thus enabling developers to implement their ideas without the hassle of spending hours hacking through proprietary, uncommented code. If something seems confusing, we’re always here to help.