About us

Finance IT Solutions (FIS) provides services and builds products for the lending and loan management industry. Founded in 2011, FIS builds both custom software solutions and plug-and-play SaaS platforms for a wide variety of loan management providers. FIS was originally founded to provide software products to the payday loan industry, where clients were processing thousands of loans per day. In this fast-paced testing ground, FIS cut its teeth by providing adaptive, custom software solutions that could respond in real time to a rapidly changing industry. Since then, FIS has branched out into all aspects of the loan management industry, with products for mortgage, auto loan, line of credit, student loan, and crowdfunding providers and more. FIS works with 50+ lenders all over the world and has successfully implemented hundreds of different projects. FIS prides itself on combining deep, industry expertise with highly customizable solutions that are attuned to every client’s particular needs.

Why us?

Make IT

To start with, our codebase is hosted on GitHub, which makes pulling it to your own webserver a breeze. This also gives you the opportunity to get easily all the updates without any hassle or re-installing – just make a pull request. By keeping your core system on the cloud, you can be assured it’ll always be accessible and up to date.

Use IT

The user interface for day-to-day tasks is browser-based, so it’s highly customizable regarding the role of the user. For example, you can create a user profile with specific permissions and access to information for monitoring purposes, or a profile for someone who deals with fraud detection and needs a thorough analysis of the client database. You can do all this thanks to a united, cloud-based system where everything is adjustable from a simple administration interface.

Agile Updates

In the constantly changing and evolving world of finance and business, updates are a crucial part of keeping on track with the latest tendencies and laws. With the cloud-based code repository, it’s easy to check if the latest updates have been included in your running system.


Any industry that requires customer and loan management, payments calculations, reminders and different automated flows.
Yes. System is fully customizable for specific business needs.
Yes. System can be adapted to work fully automatically by using internal and external scoring modules and decision making principles.
All payment actions can be provided through any third party payment gateway services through API connection.
You can choose to rent the system as a pre-configured cloud-based solution, subscribe to the core loan management system via API allowing your IT team to develop further based on it or purchase the source code and manage it from your own server.

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